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Status Saver for WhatsApp Review.

Do you Love sharing stories in WhatsApp? Of course!, WhatsApp stories are fun. Ever wanted to download or save your contact's WhatsApp status, When you come across theirs? You must check out the App on the App Store "Status Saver for WhatsApp". My Personal Review after using it for a Month. So interesting Application I have ever Used. So, I decided to share with all of you and my loved ones. 

✓ Save, delete & reshare to external apps
✓ Easy setting as WhatsApp status from the app
✓ Download to the gallery & quick save
✓ In-built image viewer and video player
✓ Best WhatsApp status video download app

How to use

1 - Check the Desired Status/Story...
2 - Open Status Saver, Click on any Image or Video to View...
3 - Click the Save Button...

Note: You should choose the country code with the number otherwise it will be considered a wrong contact. Choose the country code by selection from the code button.

1. Re-uploading image/video stories and is NOT encouraged, please seek owner approval.
2. This app is not affiliated with WhatsApp.
3. Any unauthorized downloading or re-uploading of contents and/or violations of Intellectual property rights are the sole responsibility of the user.
To Get More Information, you must visit their Application. For your Ease I am providing you with the App Link, you will be easily redirected to the Application by visiting it. 

Alcoholism|Binge Drinking|Alcohol Recovery


In our time, there is an acute problem of drinking alcoholPeople of various ages and professions become victims of alcohol. A small amount of alcohol can hardly cause serious harm to the human body, while its excessive use threatens the health of society and the younger generations. 

Toxicity Problem by Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time. Any alcohol, whether it is cheap wine or expensive brandy, our body perceives as a toxin and tries to get rid of it faster. It's all about acetaldehyde, one of the decay products of ethyl alcohol. Substandard spirits, in addition to acetaldehyde, contain fusel oils, which several times increase the toxicity of the alcoholic drink. 
Once in the blood, alcohol spreads through all the systems and organs of the human body. Immediately after alcohol enters the body, the process of its elimination begins. 
Alcoholism|Binge Drinking|Alcohol Recovery

From 2 to 10% of alcohol is excreted from the body along with air, sweat, saliva, urine, and feces. It takes from 7 to 12 hours. The remaining 92-98% of alcohol is oxidized inside the body to carbon dioxide and water.

First of all, the liver suffers from alcohol. The decay products of ethyl alcohol, passing through the liver, destroy its cells. At the same time, the body breaks down metabolic functions, the liver loses its ability to preserve vitamin A, it gradually decreases in size and shrinks due to the narrowing of blood vessels in which blood stagnates, the pressure inside the liver rises. In the worst case, rupture of the vessels occurs, as a result of which a person may die.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

What is Motivation- Sources of Motivation

Sources of motivation

Motivation is a mysterious thing. You can even say magic. Convince yourself - when it is, nothing can stop us in achieving our intended goal, we as obsessed see our dream before us and build all sorts of combinations of actions to accomplish it. Motivation gives us strength, the presence of which we do not suspect.
But what happens if there is no motivation? We are looking for any excuse to escape from the work ahead. We ourselves do not understand why we do not have the strength to perform a not so difficult task. But things are not going.

No Everything hinders us on the way. Any trifle becomes an insurmountable obstacle, while with the motivation we would have invented a thousand ways to step over the problem that had arisen.
From this, it follows that motivation is a necessary thing for happiness. Not everyone can solve her riddle, but undoubtedly everyone who does not have it would like to possess it. We look for it wherever possible, then hopelessly sigh, not finding, and again proceed to the search, which deprives us of our last strength. 
Usually, we start with artificial ways of motivating ourselves: we read various literature, we try to increase self-esteem, we make diaries, we schedule for the upcoming day, we even exercise a couple of times in the morning and set the alarm for 7 am. 
But how much is enough for us? Month, a week? Usually even less. Day or two. And then, being disappointed in ourselves, we fall into a depressed state, we no longer believe in ourselves, we get fat, and weep, we cry and we get fat.

All these practical actions are very important and useful, of course, but only if they are applied in the right place at the right time. Alas, doing all this, we actually do not what we need. We are straining our efforts in the wrong direction. We are not starting where we should start. As a result, all these attempts are useless.

And the problem is what?

And really, what's the problem? Where to start? You have already re-read everything you can, but perhaps you have not yet understood that none of these artificial methods will tell you anything new. Yes, they are full of optimism and encourage you to new actions, but, unfortunately, not for long. 
And in fact, there is no big secret here, and not too much. And in general, there is no secret. 
It's all about desire. But only. Remember at least one thing that once filled you with joy, as in childhood you jumped out of bed and rushed to meet a new day. 
Was there anything in your life that made you forget about all the difficulties and obstacles? No, of course, there were obstacles, but you did not perceive them so painfully, but simply found the optimal solution. Just because you really wanted it.

Here it is, the very feeling that you really need to strive for. And it can not be created from scratch, artificially. It comes from within, it is already within you, only it is lost. Your desires roam somewhere inside of you and you do not pay any attention to them. You do not know what you want.
We think we know what we want, in fact, it is not. Most often we live by fulfilling the wishes of others, imposed on us from childhood by parents, then by the school, then by superiors. We have a template. He laid in us, we are not guilty. And this is how we live our whole life according to this pattern: school-institution-work-family-children-pension-you know what.
Somehow grayish, do not find? No, of course, if you are satisfied, then everything is in order. But if there is no satisfaction, then something is wrong, then we are not on our way, we do not live our lives. And somehow gray in the soul. And because it has nothing to do with what you really want. And no one will tell you what you want. That's for sure.

This is just your job. Understand what you need and what gives you the energy to live and share your energy with others.

The true source of motivation

So, the true source of motivation is your true desire. You don't need anything else! Until you find it in yourself, nothing will help you. You can only give a few tips on finding this desire.
  • First, you must be completely autonomous when searching for it. Other people's desires and opinions should not influence you. You should not be emotionally dependent on other people.
  • Decide on all your "want." This is necessary in order not to go astray at the very beginning and not to choose the wrong way. To do this, you need to monitor your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. And not one day, but as much as needed. Until you gain clarity in your desires. This is nothing complicated. Just record events in a “like-dislike” or “pleasant-unpleasant” way. Just do not lie to yourself. You will be better.
  • Learn to separate "I want" from "I must." Your “I want” will be accompanied by positive emotions, and “I must,” more negative ones. Consider for a moment how much “I want” in your life, and how much “is necessary”? "It is necessary", as a rule, outweighs "I want" several times. Unfair somehow. And all because “I want” we refer to the category of unauthorized or unimportant. Because they said so. Someone and some time.
  • Mentally remove from your life all the "necessary." It is not easy, but worth to dream. Nowhere is your reality going anywhere. But then you will see how much discontent and indignation you will meet from those around you. Thus, you will check how autonomous you are in your life.
  • Write down all your "want." It is your only real source of energy for the future. He will never let you down.
Each person, having defined his desires, can achieve his goals. There is no doubt about it. As they say, "viam supervadet vadens" or "the road will be mastered by walking." Here, the main thing is to choose the road, and it will lead you to the right place. 
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Om Shanti...

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How to Get Rid of Pimples or Acne

How to get rid of Acne or Pimples on the face

Approaching the mirror, we always want to see the perfect face there without any flaws. But how rare it is. More often we see painful reddening, acne or pimples or black spots on the skin. And it seems that there is no way to get rid of them. 

As soon as we begin to rejoice at the fact that we were finally able to get rid of these problems, some kind of Pimples will immediately jump out at the most inappropriate moment in the most visible place.

Many people face these kinds of problems from time to time. Some are doomed all their lives to fight for smooth and healthy skin. But acne on the face, for whatever reason they do not appear, can cause a lot of trouble to their owner.

What can be advised to those who are not familiar with these skin problems?
Pimples or Acne-

Causes of Acne or Pimples

Firstly, it is worth clarifying that the concept of "acne" is quite common and there are several types of them. In this case, we will understand by them small compaction under the skin, painful to the touch, which eventually develops into subcutaneous inflammation.
The first step towards getting rid of acne should be finding out the cause of their appearance. Usually, this kind of rash on the face symbolizes any malfunctions in the body. For example, many adolescents face such a problem during puberty, when their hormonal levels change. Women of a certain age can also encounter rashes on the face during hormonal changes, which is accompanied by disruption of the sebaceous glands.
If the cause of acne is just hormonal changes in the body, you should contact your doctor for recommendations on the normalization of your hormonal levels.
Acne is also a common cause of acne. After all, what we eat directly affects how our skin looks. There should not be an oversupply of sweets, fatty and fried foods in your daily diet. Even if now your skin looks quite normal, it does not mean that it will always be so. Harmful substances accumulate in the body and over time can cause you trouble in the form of red or white spots on the face.
The most harmful products for the skin are chips, soda, any kind of fast food because They contain a large number of flavors, colors, preservatives, and other harmful substances. Fatty foods, in turn, stimulate the sebaceous glands, which causes their blockage. Sugar also has a negative effect on the skin.
Products that have a beneficial effect on the skin include fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts (especially walnuts and almonds), cereals. It is also necessary to drink water in sufficient quantities. 
Causes of acne on the face can be various diseases of the body. First of all, these are problems with digestion, malfunction of the cardiovascular or endocrine systems, diseases of the thyroid gland, etc.
In such cases, the first thing you should do is consult a doctor who will prescribe you the appropriate treatment. Only after the disease has been identified and the treatment prescribed can one begin to get rid of acne using traditional methods.

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Honest Review of Microblading Miami - The Brow Effect

Hello Guys, 
Microblading has become the hottest new trend when it comes to Eyebrow Tattoo. However, if you are researching Microblading Miami, make sure to do your research for the right salon. The state of Florida required that Eyebrow Tattoo Artist have a commercial salon that is a licensed tattoo establishment and that the artist has their own personal tattoo license.
Honest Review of Microblading Miami - The Brow Effect

A true Miami Microblading salon will have all of these. The next thing you need to look for in an Eyebrow Tattoo Artist is their healed results. Miami Microblading establishments and its owners tend to only post their work immediately after the procedure is done.
When researching Microblading Eyebrows Miami makes sure to ask the Eyebrow Tattoo artist for "healed photos" of their clients and make sure that the results look how you would want your results to look. I highly Recommend their Services, even some of my friends tried their services and satisfied completely. Check out their website you will get more information here The Brow effect.

The Brow Effect is Owned and operated internationally by known Microblader and Trainer, Lisandra Rodriguez. 

She is Sweet Lady opened up a state of the art boutique salon in the heart of Miami which locates right off Biscayne Blvd. Lisandra specializes in Microblading, Microshading, Lip Shading, and tattoo removal. At The Brow Effect, your experience will be nothing less than five stars. Service is High Class and Recommended. Must Try.

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Muladhara Chakra-Root Chakra Healing and Exercises

Muladhara Chakra-Root Chakra Healing and Exercises

Mūlādhāra is the name of the first chakra, also known as the root chakra, which is found in the perineum placed between the genitals and the anus. 
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This is the chakra that represents the support of the whole body (its name means "the support of the base" ) and is depicted as a lotus flower with scarlet petals associated with the red color.

Its element is the earth and the phase of life associated with it is that of early childhood, strongly linked to emotions such as safety and the joy of living.
The main characteristic of this chakra is its hardness, which is why the exercises on Muladhara favor the strengthening and stability of the whole organism, both in a physical and emotional sense.
When the first chakra is blocked, the consequences are strong insecurity and apathy, along with a loss of self-esteem that can lead us to a discouraged and perpetually resigned attitude in everyday activities. 
Also the too much activity of this chakra, on the other hand, does not bring positive consequences: it can incur mental rigidity, hostility towards changes, aggression and an excessive attachment to money. 

We must pay particular attention to the Muladhara chakra when we go through periods of strong changes, such as a separation, a move, the beginning of a new activity and in general all the events that involve our sense of security and stability.

Summary Sheet of the first Mūlādhāra Chakra

Position: In the perineum between the anus and the genitals, at the base of the spine
Function: Stability, safety, self-confidence
Color: Red
Element: Earth
Sense: Smell
Crystals and stones: Ruby, red coral, garnet, jasper, black onyx, obsidian
Mantra: Lam
Note: Do
Animal: Ox, bull, elephant (associated with the earth)

Exercises to rebalance Mūlādhāra chakra 

Muladhara Chakra-Root Chakra Healing and Exercises

Ashvini mudra

This is a very effective exercise to bring to a conscious level what is blocking us.
Ashva means horse and mudra is a body position. The exercise simply involves repeatedly contracting and relaxing the anal muscles, like a horse getting rid of its organic waste.


Starting position: Sitting on the floor. One leg is straight and the other leg is bent so that the heel is under the buttock. Exhale, bend forward and grasp the fingers of the straight leg with both hands. Lift your head and look upwards. You have to be in the same position and breathing normally for a few minutes.

Mandukī mudra (also known as Bhadrāsana)

Starting position: vajrasana (sitting on the heels). Separate the legs until the buttocks can rest on the floor. Exhaling and keeping your back straight, place your hands on the floor between your knees. 
The arms can be extended or bent depending on your comfort. Your fingers point outward and your eyes are facing the tip of the nose. Stay in this position for a few minutes breathing normally.
This exercise protects us against harmful emissions, detoxifies the body and has a grounding effect, as well as improving the sense of smell and concentration.


When the first chakra Muladhara (also known as the root chakra) is balanced, we find ourselves in ideal conditions to cultivate serenity and inner peace, as well as having more compassion and patience both towards us and in others.
A balanced root chakra brings with it emotional stability and makes us enjoy the incredible feeling of being able to face whatever challenge the universe holds for us.
We have all met people like that, who simply exude serenity. They smile and the world around them smiles. Their calm is contagious and is good for the soul.

"When the energy of the root chakra flows smoothly, you feel with your feet on the ground, but free as a bird."

At the other extreme, you may have met people with an unbalanced first chakra who bounce from one project to another, from one thought to another, without paying adequate attention to their care. 

This behavior is extremely harmful to physical and mental health and in the long run leads to nervous exhaustion. 

Alternatively, people whose first chakra is blocked can be lethargic, feel defeated and have no motivation to complete their tasks.

Why is the first chakra blocked?

The root chakra, as its name suggests, is associated with our roots, vitality, and stability. It acts on our survival instinct, our desire for security and protection and our basic needs, such as food and shelter. Also associated with the root chakra are emotional needs and functions, such as family loyalty, beliefs, and values.
When the above needs are met the root chakra is balanced, resulting in a stable individual, with a solid the foundation of values ​​and self-confident.
If these needs are not met and the first chakra is blocked, the external symptoms may include:
  • Lethargy and feeling of being "stuck"
  • Inability to perform actions and/or express intentions 
  •    Depression or anxiety disorders
  • Disconnection and alienation from those around us

The first chakra can also have an excess imbalance when we receive too many stimuli associated with its needs, overloading it with energy. Symptoms include:

  •      Stress
  •      Panic attacks
  •      Nightmares
  •      Colon, bladder and lower back problems
  •      Financial problems
  •      Unexplained pain throughout the body


Exercises to unlock the first chakra

Working on our chakras to restore balance is an exercise that is mainly based on  balancing the energy, releasing the excess if a chakra is too stimulated or working on accumulating it. 
The yoga asanas that we offer below are suitable for both purposes and bring the Muladhara chakra back to its ideal state, to encourage our personal growth. We recommend keeping each position for at least five deep breaths.


Muladhara Chakra-Root Chakra Healing and Exercises

Cross your legs, spread your knees and slide each foot under the opposite leg, trying to stretch your knees as far as possible towards the ground.
Relax your feet so that their outer edges rest comfortably on the floor and the internal arches are placed just below the opposite shin. 
The perfect pose for Sukhasana is achieved when you look down and see a triangle whose three sides are formed by the two thighs and crossed shins. In Sukhasana there should always be a space between the feet and the pelvis.

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Thursday, 25 April 2019

How to Overcome Laziness? How to Stop Procrastinating?

How to Overcome Laziness? How to Stop Procrastinating?

Hello Beautiful People, What's going on. J Hope you doing good. Let's start with Today's Topic now. 

In order to properly develop a tactic of dealing with something, you must first study the enemy. In this case, the Laziness or Procrastinating will be the enemy. Therefore, we will have to deal with what this Laziness or Procrastinating is, where they came from on our head, what they want from us and how much they are a negative character.

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Positive and Negative sides of Laziness or Procrastinating.

Laziness or Procrastinating is an unusual phenomenon of nature, peculiar to both people and animals. However, it was the people who singled it out into a special phenomenon, which, as a rule, was negative. 

Animals, although they often behave in accordance with its laws, hardly consider it to be something bad and do not blame themselves for inaction (if you watch a cat, you can see that she spends most of the time indulging in laziness, although if necessary she is always ready to jump).

By laziness accepted refers to as a negative phenomenon. And there are a number of reasons for this:

·         1. Due to laziness or procrastinating, we do not fulfill various tasks and responsibilities, do not develop and, even worse, degrade as individuals.
·         2. We are bitten by the feeling of guilt for the unfulfilled affairs, for the fact that we do not benefit either ourselves or others.
·         3. We fall into depression and let laziness take over us.
As you can see, one follows from the other. Unable to break this circle, we are spinning most of our lives in an attempt to force ourselves to do something.

On the other hand, laziness can act as a positive character. For example, laziness is considered to be the engine of progress. Mankind would not have invented anything if it were not lazy enough. You can even say that we are a little lazy, because if laziness was a little more, then you see, there would be no wars.

As Buddhists say, “Laziness is a way to fight evil.” It is impossible to disagree with them. After all, the intentions and actions of people are aimed solely at personal gain. Of course, this does not mean that a person does evil, acting in this way, but negative heroes, as well as positive ones, think that they are doing good.

The positive sides of laziness include:

·         1. Saving energy, that can later be directed to something else.
·         2. The opportunity to relax.
·         3. Preservation of health.
·         4. Good mood (in the case of the correct laziness).
But the main benefit of laziness or procrastinating is that it shows what you like to do and what not. After all, if you find a thousand excuses not to engage in any business, then it is unlikely that you really like it. But if you spend hours in a row giving yourself to some occupation, then no laziness will interfere with you.

Causes of Laziness or Procrastinating.

Laziness is not an innate property. The causes of laziness or procrastination, like many other psychological problems, are rooted in childhood. Then they develop with the passage of life and envelop a person from all sides, giving him a lot of problems. If you remember yourself being lazy in your childhood, then perhaps you adopted a model of your loved ones very early.

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There are several typical situations that give rise to the development of laziness in a developing personality:

·         1. The situation when you are forced to do what you do not want to do (cleaning, homework, etc.).
·         2. The situation when you were called lazy, at a time when you were not lazy, but, for example, you were just tired of doing some work and rested. In this case, the definition of "lazy" could be fixed deep inside you, even if you did not agree with the person who called you that.
·         3. Excessive custody by adults. When parents do not give the child to develop independently and do everything for him.
·         4. The heroes of some children's fairy tales do not differ in diligence (a fairy tale about Emelya).
·         5. Lack of purpose in life.
·         6. Imitation of others.

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