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Pisces Personality Traits(Facts)|Pisces Woman|Pisces Man-2019

Pisces Personality Traits(Facts)|Pisces Woman|Pisces Man-2019

The Pisces man and Pisces woman has a personality which is friendly and selfless, but can at times feel overwhelmed by strong emotions. Pisces traits including creativity, sensuality, and imaginative. The Pisces tends to achieve emotional and spiritual harmony; demonstrated daily through their generosity. 

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Now, Let us Read Some True Facts About Pisces People (Pisces Man- Pisces Woman):

- Pisces are Nice People and are Always there Whenever You will Need Them.

- Pisces can manage anything you throw their way as long as you are loyal and honest.

- As a Pisces sometimes you pick up on things subconsciously- without realizing it.

- As understanding as they can be- a Pisces won't allow you to make them feel guilty for something they don't even do.

- Pisces are Logical and specific Individuals. Using their smartness, they don't act dumb and immature.

- A Pisces man or Pisces woman will always be caring about you, no matter what happened between you two.

- Pisces is always confused finding a balance between over and under-protecting themselves.

- Pisces Love to Look into People's Eyes- It's their way of looking into the soul. 

- Pisces are very much Stronger and much wiser than most, they just only need to realize it.

- A Pisces likes to please, but there is always a limit as o how far they will go. 

- Pisces are Very Sensitive and Emotional. Please Don't Hurt them.

- Pisces have an Emotional Maturity, which is Patience, Forgiving and Caring.

- Pisces is a bit Lazy sometimes but they will get the Job done.

- Pisces get lost in the music and can't live without it.

- Pisces are silently intelligent people.

- Pisces thinks more from their heart than with pure logic.

- Even when sad, a Pisces has a funny and cute face which makes it really hard to identify if they are really sad or depressed.

- Making Plans with Pisces is very easy as these people are down for whatever. 

- Pisces man or Pisces woman will be everything you want and need in a partner.

- A Pisces get very much frustrated when they are trying to talk and it seems like no one is listening.

- They never stop believing and many times they carry the burden of other people problems with them.

- When a Pisces is lonely, sad or depressed they need nothing but just a hug from their loved ones. 

- Being an Escapist by heart a Pisces will want to distance themselves from the person they don't like to avoid any conflict. 

- Pisces are Good at picking up the vibes without even knowing it, they can walk in a group and can read minds very quickly.

- When a Pisces is interested in you, you became a book to study for them and they will try to discover everything about you.

- A Pisces woman changes the way you view love, forever.

- Pisces finds it hard to make decisions because they always see all sides of the questions. 

- Pisces are good and can easily figure out Tricky or Tough Situations coming their way. 

- Pisces may seem weak and dependable sometimes but they are very strong, they are inner superheroes. 

- Most of the Times it's like a Pisces live in a completely different world from everyone else.

- Pisces over-analyze absolutely Everything.

- Trust is Hard to Come by, That is why Pisces inner circle is mostly small and they don't consider everyone as a Friend.

- Pisces tends to see good things in other before the bad. They don't judge someone easily, they give chances.

- The simple things in life can have the deepest meaning to a Pisces. They see beauty and love in things others hardly notice.

- When Pisces feels something, they really feel it in every inch of their soul.

- Pisces hates being under-Pressure and feeling worthless by those they care about. 

- Pisces are Big Dreamers, Day Dreamers- there they are Free.

- Pisces will be the First to accept you who you really are.

- Pisces Believe in making sacrifices, no matter it's big or small for people they love.

- Pisces sexuality is Fantasy-Driven, spiritual, Emotional and Creative.

- Pisces is the Most Mysterious Zodiac sign ever.

- A Pisces just want to make you Happy.

- Pisces Sympathy is Infectious.

- Pisces Gets Destructive when Unhappy.

- Pisces hardly hate someone unless you have hurt them really badly. 

- Pisces can easily read your mind and thoughts and they are always observing your energy, mood and body language.

- Pisces woman is hard to catch but once you have her heart, she won't be going anywhere any time soon.

- Pisces are good at keeping secrets, you can trust them all with your innermost secrets. 

- The Best Revenge for a Pisces is never allowing that person to come back into their life again.

- For a Pisces, Falling in Love is really hard, staying in love is like a challenge, letting go of someone is very much harder, and moving on is the Deepest thing.

- Don't get confused and take their kindness for weakness, they may seem sweetest, but they have a dark side that you don't want to bring out. 

- No one Truly understands what goes on in a Pisces mind, it's too complex for even them to understand. 

- Pisces is not the Drama Engaging type and will be the peacemaker in a lot of situations. 

- What we can learn from Pisces- How to Enjoy Little Things in Life, and Truly appreciate what we have in front of us.

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Meaning and Symbolism of Pisces- 

Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, placed between the Aquarius, which precedes it, and Aries. A sign of water that represents the flow and the roar of a river that can sometimes be cloudy and sometimes clear, just like nature in this period. In short, a gap between winter and spring, between the last cold breaths and the first warm rays of the sun.

The personality of those born under this sign is linked to different ideas, to a multitude of shapes and colors that intertwine to form the characteristics of the "opposite" and of rebirth. 

The Personality and Character of Pisces-

 People born under the sign of Pisces is a generally very shy a person, of good character who is constantly put to the test by negative circumstances. However, if it finds its ideal environment, Pisces is able to make itself appreciated for all its excellent characteristics and is also able to become a good leader.

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Defects of the Sign of Pisces: The Negative Sides-

The defects of those born under the sign of Pisces lead them to be a difficult person to understand. Moreover, they have a marked propensity to escape from every difficulty that life presents to them, spent, more often than not, as a sort of daydream. 

Being Pisces a rather easy sign to be intimidated, it often faces the difficulties by fleeing from the opposite side of the problem. In short, instead of facing it, try to get around it in all possible ways. This means that they live in a world of their own made up of intuitions and sensibilities, such as to prevent them from facing the truth.

This attitude leads them, often and willingly, to be a liar both with those around them and with themselves. However, their worst flaw is to get easily discouraged and always see the darker side of situations. Usually lazy, it is easy to find the born under the sign of Pisces, locked up at home to mull over one's life rather than see it face it. 

They often take refuge in vices because he is not able to bring out his willpower and let temptations take over. In the sexual sphere, they are unable to establish themselves and the partner finds in this sign an easy prey to which it is possible to make them do what they want most.

Advantages of the Sign of Pisces: The Positive Side-

What, instead, are the merits of the born under the sign of Pisces? One of his best qualities is, without doubt, the intuitive personality that helps them to empathize with others. In fact, they like to help those in need and to give advice that is often reasoned and never trivial. 

You will hardly hear a Pisces criticize someone; they usually accept every facet of those around them, without judging. This, therefore, is one of the positive aspects that make them the person born under this sign so lovable. Sometimes he gets involved in unpleasant situations but always tries to settle disputes. 

Honest dreams of a better world for themselves and their loved ones and sometimes they manage to make their ideas real thanks to their creativity. Calm and reflective, they can understand who is around them. 

Their sensitivity sometimes hinders them in complicated situations but, at the same time, the spirit of adaptation typical of this sign causes situations to always be resolved for the best.

The Ascendant of Pisces Sign-

To know exactly the astrological characteristics of a person, in addition to the zodiac sign, it is good to know also the ascendant. This represents, in fact, the first impression of oneself given to others and the way in which the individual relates to the world. 

We have developed a simple method for calculating your ascendancy by following simple tables. The first is that of Sidereal Time, the second is that linked to the Legal Time, and finally, the third is that relating to the calculation of the Sidereal Hour.

The Zodiac Sign of Pisces and the Dominant Planets-

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which symbolizes fear, dependence, and illusion but also inspiration, intuition and unconditional love; this sensitivity often leads to extrasensory abilities that can also be explained by a profound empathy that characterizes him. He also manages to be an excellent artist outside the conventional schemes.

The person born under this sign loves to do good without asking for anything in return, even if Neptune leads those born of this period to become dependent on something that can be a person like a drug.

The stars of the deans who were in the sign of Pisces are:
Saturn:  representing his love for music and for truth
Jupiter:  which accentuates the sense of sacrifice
Mars:  which shows his introverted, fearful side

The Sign of Pisces in Emotional Relationships-

Those born under this sign too often idealize their love and are injured. Their innate romanticism leads them to live each relationship with extreme passion and involvement, even those that many times live only in their imagination.

The defect of always idealizing who one loves leads them to find themselves with wounds to be licked and worries of mind to comfort; difficult, Platonic and often one-way loves to dot his life in which he loves unconditionally. Some representatives of the sign of Pisces is able to exploit this melancholy nature of theirs to leverage on others and get what they want.

Those Born under the Sign of Pisces and Health-

Pisces are very sensitive and impressionable people, they easily fall into depression and their health are often affected by this inner fragility. Food intolerances, allergies, and infections are often present in their lives also due to a weak immune system.

The Chakra linked to the sign is that which links intuition, spirituality and will, connected directly to the face and pituitary gland.

Color: Green
Stone: Amethyst
Metal: Tin
Flower: wisteria
Favorable day: Thursday

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The Zodiac Sign Of Pisces in Mythology:

In mythology, this sign is linked to Eros and Aphrodite who threw themselves into the sea to escape from Typhon, from whom they were persecuted. The two lovers were rescued by a pair of dolphins sent by Poseidon and, to honor this rescue, Jupiter brings the two mammals to heaven and turns them into stars in the constellation of fish.

Other links of this sign with mythology can be found in Babylon with the myth of Oneness, the fish that came out of the water every day to bring wisdom to men; or with the god Varuna in India or with Ant et Abu the two fishes of the Sun of ancient Egypt. 

In every vision the sign of Pisces represents both the beginning and the end, reality and vision, spirit and matter; the opposition which is, in any case, United and indissoluble, there is no one without the other, there is no end without beginning, there is no light without shadow.

The Affinities of Pisces with the other signs of the Zodiac-

Aries: A good pairing, sometimes even very intense.

Taurus: To gamble at dice.

Gemini: Hardly get along, but good intellectual understanding.

Cancer: So many points in common that make it a good couple.

Leo: It's not a lasting union, betrayals and misunderstandings inhabit this.

Virgo: Absolutely cannot work, too different.

Libra: A lot of fantasy, sweetness, and eroticism: it can work.

Scorpio: The overwhelming passion of the beginning does not last long, only with much effort on both sides could work.

Sagittarius: A couple with a good understanding but with too many differences to be able to resist.

Capricorn: Both love the quiet, it could work well.

Aquarius: Common ideals, they compensate each other but the betrayals of Aquarius could be an obstacle.    

Pisces: It can't work, too much apprehension and few decisions.

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