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Sagittarius Personality Traits(Facts)-Sagittarius Woman-Sagittarius Man-2019

Sagittarius Personality Traits(Facts)-Sagittarius Woman-Sagittarius Man-2019

Hello Beautiful People, Let us know about Traits of Sagittarius, about Sagittarius people which includes both Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man. We will also tell you about the Facts for Sagittarius Personality Traits. Let's Begin... 

If there's one sign that is not content with remaining in one place for a long period of time it must be Sagittarius. This is a mutable sign that is always on the lookout for more knowledge as well as life experiences attracted to the finer things in life and a powerful communicator.

The Sagittarius man or Sagittarius woman is sure to charm and excites anyone that's in their circle of friends as well as family. Sagittarians have a love for new experience due to their Restless Nature.

They are always looking for intellectual knowledge as well as anything which is new to explore with their emotions because of this they are continuously progressing. 

They are honest, don't see the need to be diplomatic so they may come off as the blunt to the uninitiated, that being said they value friendships and relationships and those that encounter them are aware of this due to their ability to give off a genuine air as well as listening and compassionate ear to anyone that comes their way.

Sagittarians also possess a capacity for being loving as well as kind-hearted for the most part. They will toe the line with regards to treating others how they'd like to be dealt with. But, if someone treats Sagittarians in a disrespectful manner they won't hesitate to bring out the big guns.

One of the Downfall of Sagittarians is their propensity towards idealism, this makes them more likely to run for the hills whenever they sense a problem in a relationship. If this is left unchecked can turn them into serial daters and relationship seekers which in the end may result in the loss of many years.

Sagittarians may fare well in careers such as being a travel agent, a hotelier, photography, teaching, and writing. These careers are in line with the very essence of who they are to the bone something that may actually help them climb the ladder of success with relative ease. 

Sagittarians are able to move quickly and easily on something that may pay off if they ever decide to get into. They are also into variety and fun and are always looking to make mundane tasks seems exciting if you're into exploring new opportunities and don't mind traveling numerous times a year. 

Look into dating a Sagittarians and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Sagittarians are slow to commit and like to keep their options open this makes them hard people to win over as well as challenging to really get to know at the end of it all Sagittarians are worth every day you spend with them. 

Sagittarius Personality Traits(Facts)-Sagittarius Woman-Sagittarius Man-2019

True Facts About The Personality Traits of Sagittarius-

- Sagittarius is the kind of Friend with whom you can have fun without limits.

- If you are full of humor, you can easily win their heart.

- They switch from a state of mind to another with great ease.

- You will never see a Sagittarius being getting Bored.

- They are Very Open People.

- Even if it seems hard to believe, they can do anything for people they love.

- They are Overly Secretive. Nobody is allowed in their private life.

- Do not tell them that they do not know something, even when you argue with them.

- They like to live in style, however, they are happy with less moreover.

- Sagittarius Woman likes powerful men.

- They don't need advice, they know what best to do.

- They are positive people with a lot of humor.

- SAGs cannot be Tamed and you risk having problems if you try to.

- They Hide their Grief by making Jokes.

- SAGs are Very Difficult people.

- You will never be able to know their true feelings because they always wear a mask. It is their way to hide their emotions.

- Sagittarius Hate those who question their Morality.

- Sagittarius Keep moving forward despite they need to find their own Motivation.

- Sincerity doesn't characterize them.

- They disconnect themselves from others when they don't feel well.

- If they did you something wrong with you, they will avoid you confronting with the truth. 

- They can betray you at any moment, but just as quickly they can give their confidence too. 

- They are good at reading people.

- A Sagittarius biggest Flaw is that they don't think what will be the consequences of their actions or decisions. 

- A Sagittarius is a good Sidekick. They are down for almost anything. Good Times.

- Never ever try to control a Sagittarius until unless you want some problems.

- Sagittarius are quite clever knowingly and in getting what they really want.

- Sagittarius the Philosopher, the Comic, the Optimist, the Nomad, the Wanderer, the Free Spirit, the Restless, the Blunt and the Truth Finder.

- Sagittarius Fire element can warm your Soul deep within, will Ignite your Zeal and Torch everything in its Path.

- Sagittarius gives awesome advice but rarely follow it themselves.

- Sagittarius care for you deeply but they are always unable to show it.

- Sagittarius gets irritated stupidity.

- As a Sagittarius, you are the most honest, also straightforward and open Sign.

- Sagittarius is known to be a kind and sweet person with you until you piss them off.

- They need space from friends, family, and romantic partners sometimes. They like their alone time.

- Sagittarius is Flirty but choosy so consider yourself lucky if they like you.

- They can tolerate a lot but they can not tolerate cheaters.

- Sagittarius usually have two main Goals: to live a good life and make a difference in the world.

- They never regret their past. They just regret all the valuable time they have wasted with the wrong people in the past.

- If they breakdown emotionally in front of you, consider yourself lucky because not many people get to see them at their weakest. 

- Sagittarius will make all of your worries Disappear. No one can make you feel as good as a Sagittarius can.

- They Hate people who hold them back from getting what they want.

- They are sometimes too nice, giving people way more chances than they deserve. 

- Sagittarius need 3 things in common- Space, Adventure and Truth.

- Have high emotion levels.

Meaning and Symbology of Sagittarius-
Sagittarius: November 23 - December 21

Sagittarius is known as the ninth sign of the zodiac. It is a sign that finds itself divided between the real and the ideal, a sign of fire, together with Aries and Leo full of human warmth and passion.

In this period we must warm up, prepare for winter and move on, to find out what happens next, what is beyond the mountains or the sea.

The Sagittarius is on the horizon of life and squints a little farther on, among the first snowflakes, the first icy winds of winter.

The fire of Sagittarius illuminates, does not bring the heat. It is a fire that burns with knowledge, discovery, and adventure; it is also a spiritual fire, often linked to the firm and constant ideals belonging to Sagittarius.

The personality and character of Sagittarius-

A person born under  the sign of Sagittarius  is almost always a sportsman: he is not able to sit still and is fascinating precisely because of this "fleetingness" and desire for adventure; in everything he does, he puts passion and optimism, and it is thanks to this that most of the time he achieves his goals with excellent results.

A good characteristic of the members of the sign of Sagittarius is that of not even falling before the great difficulties that life presents to them, indeed, after a defeat, they are immediately ready to get up and give the best of themselves again.

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius in mythology- 

In mythology, this sign is linked to the mythical creature visible only to women: the Unicorn, the splendid white horse with a horn that symbolizes beauty and embodies passion.

The Sagittarius is also linked to the myth of the Centaur, the creature half man, half horse as Chiron, the creature with goodwill and educated, respected by mortals and the gods whom they entrusted their children to be educated and trained.

The constellation of Sagittarius is created by Jupiter after the death of Chiron by means of a poisoned arrow.

Sagittarius Personality Traits(Facts)-Sagittarius Woman-Sagittarius Man-2019

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The ascendant of the Sagittarius Sign- 

To know exactly the astrological characteristics of a person, in addition to the zodiac sign, it is good to know also the ascendant. This represents, in fact, the first impression of oneself given to others and the way in which the individual relates to the world.

We have developed a simple method for calculating your ascendancy by following simple tables. The first is that of  Sidereal Time, the second is that linked to the Legal Time, and finally, the third is that relating to the calculation of the Sidereal Hour.

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius and the dominant planets- 

This sign is dominated by two planets: Jupiter and Neptune.  Both regulate generosity and indulgence but also the great sense of justice typical of those born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Curiosity and desire to investigate the topics push him to always look for new sources of knowledge, new emotions, and adventures. The sense of restlessness given by the influence of Neptune leads them to accomplish record-breaking feats, journeys to distant lands in search of something that can be a lost treasure or a spiritual ascent in itself.

They love luxury, good food, lust, everything that gives joy and fulfillment to both the spirit and the body.

The stars of the deans who were in the sign of Sagittarius are:

Mercury:  representing its religiosity
Luna:  which accentuates the sense of instability, of the desire to travel
Saturn:  which shows its political sense and its attitude to sport

The sign of Sagittarius in emotional relationships-

Those born under this sign are great friends, loyal and trustworthy, while in love they prefer adventures to stable ties, but only until they meet their soul mates, in that case, nothing will stop them from loving and under all the rules which a couple's relationship brings.

The Sagittarius are very independent people who know how to play the card of seduction. They love to provoke, they usually have no prejudices and they know how to manage their relationship with others very well.

In a couple relationship, however, it is not uncommon for  Sagittarius to get carried away in some unscheduled adventure.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius and health-

Sagittarius enjoys rather good health. Always in good spirits, he never misses an opportunity for a healthy physical activity that allows him to indulge in gluttony to which he finds it hard to give up and which often give him problems in the liver. Over time, rheumatism and lumbago also appear, given its link with the lower limbs.

The Chakra linked to the sign is the one that represents the third eye, that of the mind, and indicates the possession of good intellectual and mental abilities.

Color: light blue
Stone: Turquoise
Metal: Tin
Flower: Lotus flower Good
Day: Thursday

The affinities of Sagittarius with the other signs of the Zodiac-

Aries: An excellent couple, both in love and in friendship.

Toro: Difficult to manage, jealousies and infidelity wear out the couple.

Gemini: A lot in common, so much so as to create an almost indissoluble bond.

Cancer: A couple that threatens to suffocate each other.

Leo: A good alchemy, a couple that could last in time.

Virgin: A relationship too complicated.

Libra: Does not complete itself, A perfect puzzle, a couple made to be together.

Scorpio: Unbridled passion, in a swing of "taking and leaving".

Capricorn: They are poles apart but the report could be successful precisely because of their diversity.

Aquarium: Excellent couple with many features in common.

Pisces: Good l ' initial agreement but then tends to fade are two signs that are incompatible in the long run.

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