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Self Motivation-Stop thinking and begin to act-Motivational Article

Stop thinking and begin to act

One ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of prayers. 
Mahatma Gandhi

The wise words of Mahatma Gandhi are difficult to challenge. After all, each of us understands what is true and that only excuses for doing nothing

Without taking any action it is impossible to achieve anything. In the End, I will provide you with Effective Action Tips which will surely help you but for that, you have to understand the rest of the Article first.

You can think about it endlessly, consoling yourself with your own fantasies, you can re-read many books, learn from different teachers, but you don’t go a bit closer to your cherished goal. Alas, it is. Perhaps it will seem to you that here it is, a little bit more and you will reach it. 

But in reality, when you look back, you will realize that you didn’t really do anything and didn’t make any progress. And the sooner you destroy the illusion that you can achieve anything without doing anything, the better it will be for you.

self motivation-motivation-motivational article- stop thinking and begin now-act now

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What prevents us from acting?

So, to really achieve any results, it is better to know yourself and your desires, you need practice. Books and study are also very important, but only as half of the process. Knowledge must be embodied, otherwise, they are simply useless.

Do you have a goal? How? Still no? Well? then you should start exactly with the goal. In this case, you just can help thinking activity: analysis, knowledge, experience. However, the ability to think correctly is a matter that requires patience, as well as the ability to control oneself.

How do we usually think? True, by inertia. What is thought about and think about? Like in a dream. We do not own our thoughts. They rush in a continuous uncontrolled stream and make us react to them. Thus, our energy is wasted on every, not afraid of this word, nonsense. We argue with ourselves, we scold ourselves, we ourselves and the child and the adult, we fear our own fears.

During the day, we lose a lot of roles in our heads, take offense at ourselves, and so on. We are drowning in the swamp of our own thoughts, from which our reality acquires precisely those features that we give it in our thoughts and fantasies. We project our reality in which there is no power left to act.

You must learn to save your energy and correctly direct it, to move from mechanical to conscious thought.

The best way to do this is to overcome internal resistance by staying in the present moment. It really works. After all, being in the present, we do not worry about the future. This does not mean living one day, as you might think. It only means that you will no longer be afraid of future consequences, as well as past failures. It is these two factors that deter people from performing any actions.

Focusing on the current moment allows you to express yourself at your best, to understand what you really want. In the moments of inner peace, the old barriers that you could not overcome are erased, lightness appears, the ability to act spontaneously.

The ability to act from now on is not as difficult an action as it may seem. Initially, you will be required to make some efforts, but soon it will become a habit and you will have no difficulty in returning yourself to the “here and now” state.

In addition to fears for the future and regrets about the past, other factors prevent us from acting. Here are the most common ones-
self motivation-motivation-motivational article- stop thinking and begin now-act now

Internal contradictions

You have the right to set any goal for yourself, but the success of its implementation will depend on how this goal gets on with your internal values ​​and attitudes. Wishing to earn $ 100 million ordinary people simply deceive themselves. Being on the path of fulfilling a goal, he will unconsciously go against it, since he himself does not believe that this is possible.

Imposed goal

Such a goal will take away a lot of energy from you, but you still will not get any pleasure, even if you reach it. As a result, you will understand that this is not what you wanted and do not understand at all why you put so much effort into this.

Action tips

Why are you reading this article? Yes, because you still have not decided to act! But nothing, you can start right now without reading it out. No one will be offended. Right now, do what you have been thinking about for a long time. Draw something, run, make the necessary call, anything. Take action. Yes, it's that simple. Just do not think before that. You’ve already thought a hundred thousand times.

If your action requires a different time or presence at another point of the coordinates and is now impossible at all, then stay in place and read the following tips that will help you move from thought to action in the future.

·        - Get mad. Anger is one of the most powerful energy resources of a person. Get angry at yourself, such as looseness and crybaby. Yes, this is part of you, but you don’t have to follow her plan.

·        - If you take action today, now, then in a month you will see the result, and if you put it off until tomorrow, you will never see the result. Forget about tomorrow, it is not. There is only now.

·         - "Important" things can wait. We can come up with an infinite number of very “important” cases for ourselves, so as not to get down to what we have planned. And if you think how important what you are doing now?

·        - Do not expect that the moment will come when everything will start to be done by itself or when you will begin to see clearly. External signals are an illusion, your internal signal is what matters.
·         Having defined the goal, make a detailed action plan and keep it constantly in front of your eyes. A lot of work needs to be broken up into many small, really doable pieces.

·        - Mark your success, praise and reward yourself for small achievements.

·        - Surround yourself with a society that will keep you motivated. Usually, these are people who have achieved the desired. Often they are not averse to sharing their energy and knowledge with others.

·         - If your enemy is perfectionism, you will have to fight him. He takes a lot of energy, but often does not benefit.

As long as you think carefully for the tenth time, more nosy personalities will bypass you just that way!
It's never too late to take action. The main thing is to do it now.

So Stop Thinking and Begin to Act! Act Now…Take the First Step Each Day, no matter how small they are. Good luck J

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Thank you for Reading...Good luck.

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